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Practice Areas

Real Estate  *Commerical  and  Residential*

  • Settlements/Seller’s side closings 
  • Contract drafting and review 
  • Deed preparation 
  • Resolve clouds to title
  • Mechanics liens
  • Prosecute/defend Unlawful Detainer actions

Real estate can be complex even to experienced real estate professionals. Whether you are looking to buy or sell property without a real estate agent, or you’re an investor or realtor, we will draft or review your contract to make sure that your interests are protected. Maybe you need a promissory note or a deed of trust drafted. We do that too!  Perhaps you’re a contractor and you haven’t been paid for your services. You may need to file a mechanic’s lien; and in that case, you understand that time is of the essence. So call us today!


  • Felony  cases
  • Misdemeanor cases
  • Traffic  matters
  • Expungements 
  • Driver’s license restoration

Sometimes good people get caught up in bad situations. If you are convicted of a crime, you could face jail or prison! We know the law, and we know our way around the courtroom. The sooner you call, the sooner we can prepare a strong legal defense for you. If your problem is that you have already been convicted, we understand that having a criminal record is a serious bump in your life. However, under some circumstances, you can have your record expunged. Generally, once expunged, police and court records of charges are sealed and removed from your record. Call us! Let’s see how we can help you. 

Estate Planning

  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Powers of Attorney 

If you have any assets at all, you should have a will. A will can distribute your property, name an executor, name guardians for children, forgive debts and more. Having a will also means that you, rather than the state's laws, decide who gets your property when your time comes. Maybe you aren’t ready for a will, but for whatever reason you need someone to act on your behalf. A power of attorney may be what you need, because it gives broad powers to the person of your choosing.  These powers include handling financial and business transactions, buying life insurance, settling claims, operating business interests, making gifts, and employing professional help. If you face an unfortunate situation, and you become physically or mentally incapable of managing your affairs, why use a general form document from an office supply store? We will listen to you and take the time to prepare a document that is certain to take care of matters of importance to you.

Business Law

  • Business Formations
  • Registered agent 

Whether you need advice on choosing the right business organization form, or would like assistance getting your new sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company up and running, including the drafting and filing of all necessary formation documents, an experienced attorney can provide key assistance with your new business venture. We can give you direction in your start-up process. We will work to ensure that all legal bases are covered, and that your new business has the best possible chance for success.

Personal Injury

  • Automobile  Accidents
  • Slip & Fall

When you are injured due to the negligence of another person, the insurance companies will want to settle your claim quickly. Don’t be fooled into waiving your rights to future recovery. Have an experienced attorney on your side. We are not afraid to go head to head with big business, and we will fight to get you recovery for your pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses.

Veterans’ Appeals

Are you a veteran?  Do you suffer from a service related illness or disease?  Was your claim for Disability Benefits recently DENIED, or have you received a rating that is lower than you expected?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, and you want to APPEAL the VA’s decision, then don’t wait; call us TODAY!

You served this country.  You fought for us.  Now it’s time for someone to fight for you!  The consultation is FREE!